Pollock! - Random Bezier Curves Dots [try with bezier]

[Stroke]: [Color]: [Source]: [Iter]: [Blur]:

(ab)Use instructions:

[!] Draws a random stroke (Uses configuration from "Stroke" and "Color" controls, see below).

A[!] Start drawing animation. Draws one stroke per second.

A[P] Stop the drawing animation (if it's already started).

:( Clears canvas.

[Stroke]: Specifies the width of the stroke. Random and ranges from 1 to 10.

[Color]: Specifies the color of the stroke. Random and the following: black, red, green, blue, white.

[Source]: If clicking in the Canvas area, specifies the source point of the stroke (gets the mouse position [default] or random).

[Iter]: How many iterations (lines to draw). [note: you can write "r" to set a random value, or "rXXX" where XXX are the max. number of iterations. ex: r10 will choose a number between 1 and 10.]

[Blur]: It is.

Note: This exercise was made using the original code from Bezier Curves and Picasso (Math & Programming).
The random generator used is a Mersenne Twister.